“Adding Value with customized real estate solutions”

“Adding Value in everything we do“ is the underlying service pledge made by Oak Tree Property Services in delivery of their real estate services. Oak Tree has been established to provide Property Investors with a highly personalized, and results orientated service, these services designed to improve the performance of a Client’s property investments.

Gerry Kipling

Established by Gerry Kipling, who has extensive experience in Hong Kong, Asia and London, Oak Tree will bring practical experience (see case studies), to create value enhancement opportunities for each property. Applying tried and tested value add techniques, Clients will receive a detailed review of the opportunities available for each property or property portfolio, with a set of benchmarks created to measure results. Oak Tree will provide advisory, and implementation services to each situation, calling on the best specialist resource and expertise in the market, to achieve the required results .

Track record and results are the measure of service capability, with details of services and case study details set out in the following sections. Contact us for a confidential review of opportunities to add value .